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Cancer Care Plan

Very easy to submit and quick response. We've been happy with this coverage.

- Pamela Van Hoecke, IN


Cancer Care Plan

We have never had any trouble being reimbursed for Mammograms or PSA tests. I now have claims in for cancer removal from my husband and my latest Mammogram. I have recommended it to several people. We get back 1/2 half of the premiums just in have a mamogram & PSA test each year

- Robert Gray, TX


Cancer Care Plan

We ended up still paying a lot of out of pocket. Any extra insurance is better than none. Radiation & surgery are the most important benefit. Both of them cost a lot of money's. I got prostate cancer & had to have 43 radiation treatments

- Kenny Pratt, WA


Cancer Care Plan

Reps are always friendly and knowledgeable...easy to send in for coverage... Rep informed me of all my benefits eligible for cancer preventative care payment...I attained paperwork and got immediate response and payment....VERY happy

- Terri Mitchell, TX


Cancer Care Plan

Very good about paying claims. Outstanding service. Money payment on a timely bases. Good services.

- William Heckard, AL


Cancer Care Plan

Easy to use; quick response. Well worth it. Any post menopausal bleeding is not normal. In my case it was uterine cancer but caught it very early.

- Susan Larson, CA


Cancer Care Plan

I do have insurance through my employer but am a single person. I needed the extra money while off of work because I did not have a second income to help

- Cindy Swan, WA


Cancer Care Plan

I am very happy with the rebate I am receiving for my cancer screening and very glad I have not had to make any claims for cancer it self. To say I am completely satisfied, I hope I never have to use it. I feel I will experience a cancer diagnosis at some point and in the meantime, the reimbursement of screenings helps me afford the cost of my premium

- Pat Lowery-Klingler, FL


Cancer Care Plan

All my claims were handled in a timely matter with no complaints from me. However, I think some of the procedures I had done should have been covered with more reimbursement than the plan offered. It is a very nice, reasonable program for the amount of premium due each month. It seemed to me to be the best reimbursement of all of the benefits offered. As I mentioned above, some of the procedures are not reimbursed at a very high rate

- Rebecca Everman, TX

Sheryl Dutcher

Cancer Care Plan

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and the claims people were swift, courteous and fair. Claims payment involved NO issues and the agents were courteous, helpful, and speedy. I was diagnosed with ovarian carcino sarcoma and required surgery, chemotherapy and many diagnostsic procedures. With the kind and prompt assistance of this policy I am currently cancer free and I was able to not be financially devastated.

- Sheryl Dutcher Dutcher, NC


Cancer Care Plan

I have had 2 skin cancers this year and had no problems with getting paperwork and when i called to ask questions the lady was very nice and answered my questions... I am on medicare and it helps me pay the copays that I have.

- Carolyn Merrill, KY


Cancer Care Plan

I purchased the plan when I was healthy - never thinking I would use it. Then, I got colon cancer. They have been nothing but good to me and during this time in my life, it has been a God-send. They are amazing people and compassionate. I am a member of the Moose and got the info on Cancer Care. The cost was very low so I figured why not? I started payments in November of 2014 healthy as ever. In March 2015 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer - big surprise as I had no symptoms at all. The MooseVIP Cancer Care stepped up to the plate and got me thru this hurdle and the next. I would highly recommend this service. The pros outweigh the cons (actually I cannot even think of a con).

- Diana Bybel, MA


Cancer Care Plan

The price is right and gives me great comfort in knowing I will be able to take care of myself and my wife if we should ever experience a catastrophic event with cancer! The cost of the insurance policy is acceptable and, if we take the necessary steps of getting our physicians to annually include cancer check ups as a part of our physicals, we get a rebate! I have not had to utilize the cancer care policy but it is most comforting to know it is available if needed!

- James Nethers, VA


Cancer Care Plan

Your customer service was excellent and made it very convenient for me. MooseVIP Cancer Care program helped me out completely when it came to my medical payments. I have a friend who had cancer and she explained how great you guys were and I signed up as a member.

- Christine Masse, NC


Cancer Care Plan

I started with this insurance because a few of my family members had cancer and I wanted to be prepared just in case.

- Steve Haight, PA


Cancer Care Plan

We've been fortunate to have pretty good health in our 74+ years. A few years ago, being a member of the Moose, I received the offer of this cancer insurance. Figuring that our good luck may run out, I thought it to be a good idea to insure ourselves against cancer. The cost was minimal and the benefits were what we would need in case one of us was diagnosed with cancer. It was the best decision I've ever made. So far, I have had very good service with my claim for my husband's cancer.

- Kathleen Gillman, SC


Cancer Care Plan

Always helpful and claims are processed quickly. Always been leary of cancer insurance. I have heard stories that they take your money but never pay claims. This insurance is not that way at all.

- Nancy Hollingsworth, MN