$2,500.00 NO COST Entitlement Guaranteed to Moose Members

As a Moose Member, you're entitled to $2,500.00 in NO COST benefits. But your Confirmation is REQUIRED for full activation. Your benefit will DOUBLE to $5,000.00 if an accidental death occurs while at a Moose sanctioned event, or on Moose Lodge premises.

$2,500.00 NO COST AD Member Only Benefit: Your loved ones will receive a check for $2,500.00 if you suffer a fatal covered accident. There are no strings attached and you pay nothing for this benefit.

You're covered 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world for all covered accidents. You're protected:

  • In a private vehicle such as a car, truck or RV
  • On a plane, bus, train, ship, ferry or taxi
  • On a motorcycle
  • On a bicycle
  • As a pedestrian
  • In and around your home
  • At work
  • At recreation such as hunting, backpacking, boating, camping, climbing and more
But it's important to confirm your $2,500.00 NO COST entitlement today.

Confirmation Required for Full Activation of $2500.00 No Cost Benefit
As a Moose Member, you’re guaranteed a special $2,500.00 benefit – at absolutely no cost to you.

But regulations require your Confirmation on file in order to finalize this complimentary privilege. Please activate your NO COST benefits today.